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Full circular glass bottle recycling

Exclusive local partner of BottleCycler  he market leader and first of its kind on-site bottle crusher in Australia.

Glass bottles are crushed on-site, collected efficiently, and sent to our recycling partners to be repurposed back into glass for full circularity.

Compact and silent bottle crushing

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On-site crushing

On-site crushing of glass allows F&B operators to benefit from space savings and manpower efficiency. Crush glass is stored, not air. Crew members need not take multiple trips to transfer the glass bottles to bin areas.

Truck Driving On Highway

Efficient Collection

Waste and recyclable collectors want to transport resources instead of air. Our on-site crushing of glass is the perfect solution as a single 60L bin can store up to 250 bottles worth of crushed glass, which is up to 5X more efficient!

Recycling Factory

Circular recycling

Glass sees no decline in quality regardless of the number of times it is recycled and repurposed. This means as long as you place your used bottles into BottleCycler, we can ensure perpetual full circularity of glass.

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